The Finance section as part of Support is broadly diversified in its tasks. A few of the tasks will be briefly introduced below.


True to the motto “No money, no show”, we are actively looking for sponsors to support our experiment. However, we do not only need financial and material goods. Access to an adequate test infrastructure and workshops is also necessary for the success of FLOMESS. In addition, we were on the road in various phases of the project in Germany and Sweden, whether it was the application in Bonn or the training week in Kiruna. In order to make the following trips possible, we are still dependent on support. If you would like to help us bringing our project to a successful conclusion, please contact us!


Another task is the management of available financial resources. This includes ordering the necessary components and software. The core areas are supported by us and we serve as an interface between them and our material sponsors. In the area of accounting, we draw up budget plans and list all expenses incurred to date and planned for the future.

Travel planning

Additionally, we take over the complete organization of the necessary journeys. This includes the registration of our participants in a review, choosing our means of transport and route as well as the rental of a company car. There is considerable extra work involved when travelling abroad to Sweden. Almost our entire team consists of student soldiers and, if we want to appear in uniform in the lectures that we give as part of the project, we need the permission of the relevant authorities. The Bundeswehr University Munich and our superiors support us as far as possible and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much. Our special gratitude goes to ZARM, who, in addition to sponsoring the trips for some participants, also take over the booking of hotels and flights.